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today chris turned 50 and blue out the candles on his cake and wished for another cake. [ laughter ] >> and this one i thought -- i don't know if this is one of our best ones but topical given what went on yesterday. a billion dollars spent on potato chips for super bowl sunday and that is just at governor christie's house. >> bill: definitely wants to run for president in 2016. no question. he will be up against rand paul. we had at the top of the broadcast and i think he is going to be up against the junior senator from florida as well. a handicap now. john kasich might get in there. but marco rubio and chris christied e and rand paul are locks at this point. anything can happen but they want to go. you have to start planning it this is insane if you want to
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run for president you have to go out three years and raise the money. check out the fox news website which is different bill o'reilly .com. word of the day do not be a nebbish when writing to the factor. thanks for writing us tonight. i'll bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out captioned by closed captioning services, inc. welcome to hannity and there is disturbing news out of washington tonight. according to a memo that was obtained by nbc news officials inside the justice department drafted a document saying the president has the legal report to use unmanned drones to kill american citizens overseas who are suspected of terrorist activities. let me say this again. the administration actually believes they have the legal
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authority to target american citizens, this is not sit ising well with law makers on either side of the aisle. yesterday a group of 11 senators sent a letter to president obama demanding answers and they explain that congress and the american people need to have a "full understanding" of aah the ekimov ittive branch interprets the limits and boundaries of this authority that congress and the public can decide whether it is subject to aprep patriot limit tax increases and safeguards. as the fallout leaked as it mounted earlier today the administration immediately went into damage control mode earlier attorney general eric holder tried to clarify why these actions might be necessary. watch this. >> one of the things i want to make sure that everybody understands is that our primary concern is to keep the american people safe but to o do so in a way consistent with our laws and consistent with our values. we are are -- we have as a
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basis for action that we take congressional statute that allows us to operate against al-qaeda and associated entities not only in pakistan or not only in afghanistan but in other parts of the world. we say that we only take these kinds of actions when there is an imminent threat when capture is not feasible and when we are confident we are doing so in a way that is consistent with international law. >> we cannot forget but president bush was viscerated over enhanced interrogation techniques and barack obama spent most of his first term ripping president bush on his policies and even did it on foreign soil. >> under my administration the united states does not torture. my administration is going to operate in a way that leaves no doubt that we do not torture,
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that we abide by the geneva conventions. >> waterboarding is torture. it is contrary to america's traditions. it is contrary to our ideals. that s not who we are. that is not how we operate and anybody who was actually -- has actually read about and understands the practice it of waterboarding would say that that is torture. and that is not something we do. period. >> sean: we don't torture terrorists we just kill them. endorsing torture, running a lawless president icy with this drone program obama has gone lightyears beyond what the bush administration did. and by the way, if bush ever attempted this narrative, these policies, i'm telling you democrats would have been calling for are bush's impeachment. it is important to remind the american people exactly what the bush administration did in terms of terrorists. they endorsed enhanced interrogation techniques including waterboarding on
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exactly three, that's it, three high value terrorist detainees. one being khalid shaikh muhammad who was the mastermind of 9/11. no terrorist was ever water boarded and killed and on the contrary the obama administration is a allowing the targeting of american citizens to die. killing them without allowing them any legal recourse, no safeguards in place and the killings themselves are based on limits that one aclu official likely called elastic, vaguely defined and easily manipulated and d in the pro process killing many other nontargetted human beings in one case innocent children. i have to ask are the democrats going to rake obama over the coals like they did george w. bush? what about the news media? are we going to start seeing outrage from the networks? that is doubtful. there will be silence from the lap dogs in the obama mania media.
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in terms of the sher depth and breadth of hypocrisy and this story this is about the hardest story to beat. joining me with reaction from the american center for law and justice, jay seculw and dennis kucinich. welcome back to hannity. and dennis is now part of the family. let me get this straight. so eit enhanced interrogation is torture, it is unconstitutional and contrary to our ideas. it is not who we are but killing people is? killing americans? i want to get your reaction. >> there is clearly a constitutional crisis here when you have an administration which is challenging principles in the fourth amendment, the fifth amentdment and 14th amendment with respect to due process of law and a right to unreasonable search and seizure. this is government power overreaching. the government getting so powerful it can reach into an individuals it life and have
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the power of life and death to be the judge, the jury and executioner. this isn't america that we know and love. this is an america that is estranged from us. we want to stand for the security of our country. this kind of policy undermines the security and makes america more enemies and more people waiting to get us when we people with drone strikes and a lot of innocents as well. >> sean: we might disagree on eit and we only waterboarded three people. let me go to jay. when you look at whistling that memo says here are it actually says even when no threat of attack is immediately present the target must have recently been involved in activities. no definition halftime activities are. what recently is. it seems open to interpretation we determined we decided to kill this american because we felt it was, well, may happen. what is your reaction to this? >> the change of the terms here between what the bush administration did and what president obama has done is the
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changing of the term imminent harm and it is significant here. sean, you said something in the bebeginning of the broadcast that i hope everybody is underscoring and really comprehending. there was a call for the attorney general of the united states alberto gonzales to face krill criminal charges to take individuals in the justice department to the international criminal court in the haig because of enhanced interrogation techniques. calls from the media and academics and from a few of the congressman's colleagues. what do you hear now? nothing. a letter that says we are concerned about this activity and we want more information signed by 11 members of the united states senate. here is the problem. there are grounds for enhanced interrogation techniques and needs for it. there are also needs i believe at times for the president as the commander in chief to utilize a drone strike on a terrorist target that is caution harm to the united states. the problem with the 16-page
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memo he is what you said redefines terms on when the engainlment will take place and as the congressman says doesn't leave much room for congress who does have the considerable oversight to play and it is the scope of what is being done. that is the problem. >> sean: now, we are talking about killing americans. no due process. arbitrary criteria. let's listen to john kerry just on enhanced interrogation, not killing people, and joe biden. let's go to the tape. >> there is no appropriate torture. they have been arguing to be allowed to torture. this is the first administration in american his tore arery the vice president of the united states says we should be' loued to torture. they argued for torture. for a loophole that allowed them to do it. now, the president stands up and say is the united states doesn't the torture. >> can you mr. vice president ever envision a time when waterboarding should be he used on any one? >> no. no. >> no? >> no. >> i want -- >> it is not effective.
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>> it is not effective? >> correct, it is not effective. >> sean: is this a license to kill? >> you have drawn a connection between the license to torture that was taken under bush and license to kill that is taken by the obama administration and the slaw this. you are seeing an effort to try to rewrite the constitution, amendments four, five and fourteen. to rewrite u.s. criminal law and rewrite international law with respect to sovereignty and rules of war. this is why this is very serious. as you know, sean you and i went at that time when george bush was president because i called george bush out then this. this is not about the party of the president, it is about the constitution of the united states. >> sean: that was enhanced interrogation and this is murder. a big difference. >> big difference. >> i'm saying this is about the constitution of the united states which has to be above party and above politics. >> sean: i appreciate your honesty. where are your fellow democrats? last word, jay. >> the democrats are no where
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to be found because you have the double standard typical here. has i said, enhanced interrogation teak meeks provided valuable assets to the united states of america. let's not let this administration get away with a double standard. >> sean: welcome to the family by the way. >> thank you. >> sean: a group backed by karl rove. karl rove is here and he will respond, coming up next. then tonight? >> the bottom line is all of those smears are absolutely false and that is the bottom line. >> another clinton-like denial. an angry senator bob menendez appears on camera for the first time denying allegations that he slept with underaged prostitutes. plus he is now placing blame on blogs called right wing for the story. we'll have thest on our investigation coming up straight ahead. so you say men are superior drivers?
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>> sean: a battle between conservatives and the gop establishment may soon hit critical mass. the issue is a new group called the conservative victory project started by karl rove and american are cross roads. it has drawn the eyre of conservatives and the tea party. karl rove will be joining me to respond. the goal of the group is to protext incumbent republicans against primary challengers and avoid losses like 2012 when
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conservative cans like todd aken and richard murdoch lost lost what are seen as wenable races. here with his side of the story, fox news contributor the architect karl rove. welcome back, sir. >> thanks for having me. you got something badly wrong there. this is not to protect incumbent republicans. it is to get in races where it is important to have a winning candidate. it is to try and find the most conservative candidate who can wen the so called buckley rule. our job is not to protect incumbents it is to win races by stopping the practice of giving away some of the seats like we did in missouri and indiana this past year and that may mean telling the incumbent republican if he is going be in the race he shouldn't expect any funds from cross roads in the general election. >> sean: i wanted todd akin to get out of the race after he made the huge blunder. governor palin supported a woman in that race.
6:17 pm
>> deb steelman who would have won -- who was -- who had been elected state treasurer. did not have the baggage that todd akin had. it is amazing to me that people think todd akin is the best we could have come up with. he wasn't even a tea partyer. he is one of the biggest advocates of ear marks in the congress and we got a bunch of tea party people for their own reasons, tea party professionals trying to suggest he was the best we could come up with. i want to be clear about this. crossroads is second to none in support of tea party candidates. in 2010 and 2012 we spent over $30 million for senate candidates who were tea party candidates. almost $20 million for house candidates who were tea party candidates. example of you an scam of our support. $2.9 million for mar co-rubio. $5.1 million for angle in
6:18 pm
nevada. $8 million in colorado for buck. $1.4 million in pennsylvania for pat toomey. the former president of club for growth. we spent more money on his behalf than the group he used to head and then in 2012 we spent $5.9 million in indiana for murdoch and $3.3 million in missouri. we were in ads up until the point where akin made his stupid comment. our donors say to us look we don't mind giving money but why are we backing candidates like akin. why are we stuck in the general election with candidates like akin and we have people like deb steelman and other os. >> sean: conservatives like me before the deadline i was begging somebody like todd akin to get out of the race. the only thing i fear, maybe, karl, i read the article. it reads differently than you are explaining it. >> it was written by the new york times reporter. >> sean: that is why you are here. this is really important. there is the regan 11th
6:19 pm
commandment. you have seen the reaction of tea party groups and mark levin was eck scoreiating you on radio yesterday. ted cruz. marco rubio. it tim scott. deb fisher. mike lee. johnson. toomey. there are instances in the case of toomey going back to 2004 or 2000 specter was chosen by the establishment over toomey. >> he was the incumbent and president bush did support him. look, here is the deal. i supported pat toomey when ran in 2010. i gave him money in september of 2009 because i wanted him to be the u.s. senator. i personally contributed my own money to marco rubio in october of 2009. you mentioned tim scott. he was in a tough primary with a lot of quote establishment republicans. i gave him money my own personal check in 2010. cross roads not involved in primaries but i personally backed him because i liked him a lot.
6:20 pm
you talk about deb fisher we were the biggest outside group spending in nebraska to make sure that deb fisher won. >> sean: this is important because look, i want to win, karl. and if -- and my fear is that if karl rove is fighting the tea party and conservatives are battling establishment candidates by the way which happened with charlie crist and marco. >> our object is not to be for the establishment. it is to be for the most conservative candidate who can win and if we were involved in 2009 and 21st century in primaries i -- and 2010 in primaries i would suspect we would have been involved on behalf of marco rubio. he was the most conservative candidate that could win. this is not tea party versus establishment. the groups that have gone on with the e-mails and fund raising pitches are groups that are not like cross roads in that they are fund raising entities where most of the money gets sucked up into overhead and goes into the pocket of the person who owns
6:21 pm
the website or the poe he lit cal action committee. i don't take a dime from cross roads. we raised $328 million last year and haley barbour and i are not on a salary or don't get a percentage of the money. i paid my own expenses. >> sean: there were prominent people that didn't support ted cruz early and supported crist over marco early. i think that if the republicans are fighting obama is happy. i don't want to see that happen. >> look, i don't want a fight. but and you mentioned ted cruz. we didn't -- nobody needed to be involved in the texas primary. we had three good candidates and the best one won. we didn't need to be involved in that kind of thing. some people think the best we can do is todd murdoch, excuse me, todd akin and richard murdoch, they are wrong. we need to do better to take voter united states senate and get better conservative candidates and win. >> sean: i wish akin would have
6:22 pm
gotten out of the race. it have helped give us a chance in maryland. we will talk more about it in the days and weeks ahead. coming up next an angry democratic senator bob menendez resurfaces to deny allegations that he slept with underage prostitutes. the confrontation was all caught on tape. we will play that for you you next. tonight. she would have an ability to protect her family without the need for a 100 round piece of weaponry. >> how can you say that? you are a large man and you are not a teenaged -- a tall man. you are not a young mother who has a young child with her and i'm passionate about this position. >> sean: she captivated the senate judiciary committee last week. tonight, gail trotter is in studio to explain why the president's proposals put women across the country in great danger, as "hannity" continues. hey, our salads.
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>> sean: new jersey senator bob menendez is allegedly embroiled in a rossty tuesday scandal and guess who he a blaming for fanning the flames? right wing blogs. we will play his outrageous comment.
6:27 pm
a story broke in the daily caller asserting that senator menendez flew down to the comminute can republic and slept with prostitutes at the expense of one of his top donors. the fbi raided his office and he has reimbursed his top donor the almost 60 grand for trips on the doctor's private plane. the mainstream media has been doing the best to avoid the story but yesterday a reporter finally questioned menendez about the allegations. here is his irritable angry response. >> can you answer the allegation out there. >> the smears? the smears? >> that you were with prostitutes. >> the smears that right wing blogs have been pushing since the election and that is totally unsubstantiated. it is amazing to me that anonymous nameless faceless individuals on a website can drive that type of story into the mainstream. but that is what they have done
6:28 pm
successfully. no nobody can find them. no one ever met them. no one ever talked to them but that is where we are at. the bottom line is all of those smears are absolutely false and that is the bottom line. >> sean: joining me with reaction, former spokesman for healthcare, mo la. in ey and fox news contributor katie pavlitch. we do have people on the record that have spoke tonight women involved in the case and more and more has come out every day. thoughts? >> two points. senator menendez pulling the typical this is a product of the right wing blogs. the dailey caller and breitbart .com are not just right wing blogs. they are publications. they have a bigger audience than many of the major newspapers in the country. >> sean: true. >> these aren't nameless faceless anonymous people coming forward. matthew boyle took the time to get a translator and interviewed the women who are coming forward with the
6:29 pm
allegations from the dough men >> one the underaged one at the time has a handwrite. >> and he also interviewed a government official from the dominican republic who has verified that senator menendez spends a lot of time in the dominican at parties like the ones that the prostitutes discussed and so that has been verified, too. these are not anonymous allegations coming from faceless sources. they are coming from legitimate news outlets that have very, very big audiences. >> sean: here is one of my big problems. what katie was referring to and that is the bias in the media. i remember there was a senator from idaho and an allegation he might have been toe tapping and trying to send a signal to it some guy in another seattle. thstall. the media went nuts. john edwards it took the "national enquirer" to break the story.
6:30 pm
do you think there is a double standard? >> no, i think that when someone gets caught, you know, larry craig in idaho was arrested. the press is going to jump all over that. there was a time when there used to be serious standards by journalists before they started running allegations like these where they would have multiple upon multiple sources and lock it down before they would start the -- >> sean: the women interviewed is pretty substantial. >> i don't think so. everything that i read so far we know certain facts. >> sean: i talked to matthew boyle. he did interview them. >> i have issues with the nature and the biases of the daily caller just as you have issues with the biases as you call them of the mainstream press. there are certain facts that we absolutely do know. we know that this doctor's home was raided. we don't have any, any indication that it had anything to do with senator menendez.
6:31 pm
in fact, there are questions out there that he was raided along with hhs and might have something to do with medicare. >> sean: he also owes the irs $11 million. >> we know that the senator did screw up the reporting on the planes. >> sean: just screwed up. >> i worked on enough campaigns to know that sometimes things slip through the cracks. >> sean: like flying on a private yet. >> and deserves to get whacked for that. >> the problem is that the big donor who was raided by the fbi also has connections to the clintons. we will leave that for 2016. >> sean: never ends with you. >> in terms of senator menendez paying back the bills, he only paid back the bills after the right wing blog exposed him for flying to the dominican republic. we know that on april 8 of 2012 which is easter meldon's plain came from florida to new jersey and landed for an hour and
6:32 pm
picked someone up and went back to the dominican republic. senator menendez refuses to release his travel record or alibi. >> sean: one other point here if according to law he had sex with an underaged prostitute regardless of it being legal in the dominican republic he could potentially be charged in the united states. co-spend a lot of time in jail. >> i can't believe we are even talking about this, sean have. >> sean: i can't believe we talked about a toe tapping senator. >> i didn't bring it up, you did. >> this is just -- >> sean: john edwards love child that he denied forever. bill clinton, i did not have sex, not a single time. >> put something on the table that proves this happened. >> sean: what do you want? a blue dress? go ahead. >> this is not just the online media outlets like breitbart
6:33 pm
and the daily caller. this is harry reid being questioned about this initially doing the whole look at the source thing and now backing off and saying this is what fbi investigations are all about and to the point of harry reid initially coming out and menendez saying this is the right wing blogospea osphere. i don't think that is a good thing to tell the breitbart people who took down anthony weiner. there is plenty of evidence. >> not evidence. >> sean: coming up next. >> you are not a woman stuck in her house having to defend her children, not able to leave her child. not able to go seek safety. on the phone with 911 and she he cannot get the police there fast enough to protect her child. >> gun rights activist gail trotter's powerful testimony captured it the attention of law makers on capitol hill. tonight she is here to explain why women across the country should be paying close attention to the president's assault on your second
6:34 pm
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>> sean: conservative activist gail trotter made a lot of people take notice during last week's gun violence hearing on chill when she are buy ited it -- on capitol hill when she argued it is women responsible for protecting their children and they will be put at risk by the president's anti-gun proposals. here is part of the testimony. watch this. >> an assault weapon in the hands of a young woman defending her babies in her home becomes a defense weapon. the peace of mind that she has knowing that she has a scary looking gun gives her more courage when she is fighting hardened violent criminals. >> she would clearly have an adequate ability to protect her family without the need tore a 100 round piece. >> how can you say that? how can you say that?
6:39 pm
you are a large man and you are not a teen aged -- a tall man. you are not a young mother who has a young child with her and i am passionate about this position because you cannot understand. you are not a woman stuck in her house having to defend her children. not able to leave her child. not able to go seek safety. on the phone with 911. and she cannot get the police there fast enough to protect her child. >> sean: so how is the president's unconstitutional gun grab affecting the ability of mothers, women to protect their children? joining me to discuss all of this from the independent women's forum is gail trotter herself. nice to meet you. you tore it up. even the crowd was getting involved and were you surprised by the reaction you got? >> i was surprised by the reaction but i was delighted because i think this view is not something that the media is covering. i think it is something that people haven't really considered and i really wanted to speak to women about this
6:40 pm
very important constitutional right and explain to them the cases. i had an appendix which had 21 examples of women defending themselves against violent attack with firearms. >> sean: this is the one thing probably on this show that we are have done that most others in the media have not done and we have been highlighting cases of people defending themselves. the most recent case is the woman in georgia. a guy breaks into her house and she goes up into the crawl space with her twins and she is shaken and has a revolver and that saved their lives potentially. >> and my critics criticized what i said because i said there could be multiple attackers. i said there could be babies, children in the background. and no one who criticized me bothered to read my appendix. in the appendix i have an example of a woman who was attacked by five armed intruders. an example where a woman defended her child from being kidnapped. multiple examples of women with
6:41 pm
babies with young children trying to defend themselves. no one who criticized me bothered to read the written testimony that i submitted to the senate. >> sean: seemed like they were shocked and you did take a good point generally speaking obviously exceptions men are physically stronger than women. >> right, yes. >> sean: maybe perhaps have a little bit of a fall advantage. a man breaks no your home and you have children to protect and you are sitting duck. >> and you can't leave. scream. run away. >> sean: nobody will hear you in your house. >> and many my scams, the women in the example were following the safety playbook and called 911 and 911 could not respond fast enough. >> sean: and that is a problem. give me the other examples that you brought that they didn't pay attention to. >> another example is a woman at a school stopping one of the mass killings. who knows what would have happened. critics say i'm fantastic sizing things that could happen and that is like arguing the negative. i can't prove what would have
6:42 pm
happened because it stopped and we want things to be stopped before we have these mass killings or women and children who are violently attacked. >> sean: we now have a law in new york where you can't have more than 7 bullets in a magazine. >> i'm familiar with that. >> sean: in some of the examples the woman in georgia shot this guy and miraclously considering the circumstances because i'm a marksman but you don't know how you are going to react when that moment comes she hit him five times. he still walked out of that house. and then they keep arguing well, how many bullets do you need and my answer would be as many as necessary. >> and senator whitehouse said wouldn't the shotgun be adequate for any woman and my question for him is are we really looking at what is adequate for a woman? should and the woman be able to defend herself with all of the means necessary. in d.c. versus heller the case that the supreme court decided the idea is you could have what
6:43 pm
is commonly available. ar 15s are commonly available. over 3 million in circulation right now, in the united states. >> i have two. one of the things of the ar 15. is a weapon easily handled by people and doesn't have a lot of kick. >> i also put in people who were elderly. they probably wouldn't want to be called that way. 68, 77 years old and that affects vulnerable, not just women. i was looking at it from the women's perspective but also elderly. >> sean: how do juxtapose the position with the whole liberal obama rhetoric in the campaign there was a republican war on women. >> it is the opposite. this is not a partisan issue. everybody wants a safer are society. when you start trying to put people into groups and don't actually look at the effect of the legislation being proposed you harm everyone. >> sean: what do you think ultimately comes out of this? because you were up on capitol
6:44 pm
hill and spoke to a lot of the senators and congressmen. do you think it passes? >> i don't. i think that women will not surrender their very important constitutional right so easily. >> sean: i got to tell you i watched a lot of moments where people testify and you just really handed it to them and that is why i think a lot of people were cheering you. nice to meet you. congratulations. >> thank you you. >> sean: and took a lot of guts to do that. >> thank you for having me. >> sean: we examine how deceptive editing may have taped the jury pool in the zimmerman trial. coming up next, democrats constantly telling us what words we can say and can't say, political correctness. today the left hit a new low with the most absurd tape of the day coming up. >> i hope no one uses the term illegal immigrants here today. ♪
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>> sean: and tonight in a hannity exclusive i will be joined by george zimmerman's defense attorney. after a florida judge denied his request to delay the trial earlier today. first i want to remind you of the bullying by the liberal mainstream media and the obama
6:49 pm
administration when is comes to the case. let's start with the deceptive editing done by the so called journalists at nbc news back in march this year when they blatantly distorted the 911 call. remember this. george zimmerman made just before he shot trayvon martin. this is the one they actually played for viewers. >> he looks like he is up to no good. he looks black. >> did you see what he was wearing? >> a dark hoodee. >> sean: that is not exactly how the call happened. what you didn't hear is that zimmerman had been explicitly asked by the 9 911 operator abt the person's race. why would they edit that out? listen to this? >> we had some break minutes in the neighborhood and there is a suspicious guy. he looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something. it is raining and he is just walking around looking about. >> okay. and this guy, is he white, black or hispanic.
6:50 pm
>> looks back. >> sean: the question, is he white, black, or hispanic. i will count ask the defense ay whether he believes that deceptive editing may have tainted potential jurors. george zimmerman's brother is speak out saying the media was not the only disappoint in the case but the rush to judgment based on race alone went all the way up to the president of the united states. >> he brought up his skin color and his unborn or sh she theorl son. making comments about someone based on his skin color. we felt bullied and were a lillet down initially and the disappointment grew. i don't think a white president would have been able to get away with the same thing. >> sean: joining me is the attorney for are george
6:51 pm
zimmerman. mark oh mara is back with us. what about what robert said and about the editing. you are now suing nbc news. do you think it has a big impact on the case? >> it does. the problem is a lot of people came rushing to judgment on this case and it was begun by those people who came into sanford with an agenda to make this a racial case. it wasn't and even we know that now because after the fbi exhaustive investigation they found no evidence of racism at all in george's actions. what happened was nbc i guess in an attempt to try and get ahead of the pack decided to take a bet and place placed itn racism. said well maybe he is a racist and we will get out ahead of it and say he is. they were absolutely wrong. they misled the public and helped sway not only the aggravation that existed against george zimmerman but truly made this a racial event when it absolutely was not. >> when i interviewed both you and george he confirmed to me
6:52 pm
and you know him as well as anybody at this point that he spent a lot of his spare time free time helping underprivileged kids, minority children, all races and backgrounds. i didn't read a whole lot about that in the media. tell us what he did. >> well, if i were to have to prove that i was a nonracist i would have a more difficult time than to prove george is a nonracist. his great grandis father is of afro peruvian which is black. he mentored two children who were black. we know that his grandmother babysat for two black girls during the six year period so that for six years both in the beginning of the morning before they went to school and for the afternoon hours after they came back from school george and his siblings hung out with these two other children while their mom was out working. not to mention what i think is
6:53 pm
most significant because it is most current is that it was george who really led the fight to bring out the what happened wrong to sherman ware when sherman ware a black homeless man in sanford was beaten up by a sanford cop's son and the hole thing was ignored and swept under the rug. it is amazing to me that natalie jackson involved in this case was representing sherman ware and now deny's george's impact on bringing that case to the forefront. >> sean: not exactly compatible what you are describing here with somebody that is a racist. let me ask you this. you had the ruling today. has been quiet in the case. this is going to heat up. national attention is going be drawn to this. the president has gotten involved. give us the latest and where are you go from here and for example what does george do? is his life totally on hold and now at the mercy of a jury at this point or do you have a chance to get this thrown out earlier? >> the motion to continue was
6:54 pm
denied. the jum judge believes we have enough time. we will abide by the ruling. i don't know how we will get ready for this case in the time we have left. i like ten to someone tell youth you are going build a 14 story building and you three months to do it. that could be set to be done but i don't know how it will be accomplished. really difficult realizeing that the key fence fund which is really hopeful on the support of his supporters out there in the country is now at its absolutely low. the money that we need to hire defense experts and continue with dep positions is not there. >> sean: you are saying as a result of this he is broke, he is bankrupt? >> he is broke. i think there is less than a few thousand dollars in the defense fund. i know that i had talked to you about sort of the need for increasing donations to a small plug if i might, it is gz defense fund .com and it is the way that we sort of need to deal because it is either we get that type of information, that type of support from the community or we have to look
6:55 pm
towards an indigency finding to have the state support him. >> sean: we will continue to follow the case. mark o'meara and also the media bias and we will see how they pick it up as case comes back to the forefront of the public attention. thanks for being with us. >> good to see you again. >> coming up the most outrageous and laughable video of the day. democratic congressman now dictating to witnesses what they can and cannot say on capitol hill. >> i hope no one uses the term "illegal immigrants" here today. >> sean: you will hear the absurd explanation and what phrase he wants you to use in place of illegal immigrants. that and more coming up after the break. 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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>> sean: tonight we close the show with the most ridiculous sound bite of the day. comes from one of the most liberal members of congress. the house

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